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“Hello future.”

Evolving the intelligent network.


Trove was started in 2013 by a team of three co-founders who met in 2001 while working on the Internet's earliest anti-SPAM technology. Our technology adventure together has since touched data backup, cloud storage, group chat, file sharing, and CRM. At Trove, we're pursuing a deep commitment to improve how people communicate.


The state of digital communications is suffocating productivity and human potential. There's simply too much of it and it's not all equally important. This is not a failure of any specific channel -- i.e. email is not the problem. Rather, none of our tools are intelligent enough to meet our new demanding reality of pace, a disparity of importance, and the thousands of connections we all make.

This cannot last. The key lies in activating our most valuable, but untapped, information store - our communications history. We know this is a big responsibility. We are committed to building it on a cornerstone of trustworthiness first. Trove exists to interpret this data and safely activate it for you (the data owner), starting with email because it is the biggest source today.

However, communications in the future will look nothing like what we do today, using our thumbs to crank out emails on small screens all day. It will bring tools we use to communicate with each other through fluid and natural interactions. The technology aspects will melt away. We will talk to voice assistants and eventually even share our most important messages with each other by a simple thought.

The key lies in activating our most valuable, but untapped, information store - our communications history.


To improve where communications is at today and to facilitate its future, we need to create AI technology with a deep understanding of our communications data and behavior. Trove has been working for years to develop domain-specific AI technology on top of communications, starting with email.

Why email? There are 100X the number emails as queries entered into Google each day. At 200 billion emails a day, it out paces all chat messaging channels (Text, iMessage, Whatsapp, Slack etc) by many orders of magnitude. With its decades of history, email is the world's largest communications information store by far. This makes email the perfect place to start.

There are 100 times more emails sent each day than queries entered into Google.

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Trove's technology to comprehend communications and the meaning behind all of the messages has broken new ground in a variety of patent-pending ways already, such as:

  • A vast person graph database with hundreds of millions of relationships quantitatively mapped, to deliver context for your communications.
  • Intent analysis and bi-directional responsiveness tracking to encourage improved interactions where they matter most.
  • Introduction mapping to reveal where your network comes from and how you are connected to the world.
  • Behavioral archetype detection to highlight outliers in your network with unique talents for communication.
  • Expertise detection to help you identify individuals with skills in fields you care about.

The value of Trove's technology can be exponentially increased by applying it on your Team or in your Enterprise setting. These products are how we make money. We will never sell your personal information to others. Why should we? After all, this data is most valuable to the people who own it!

We are excited to continue building and advancing the future of communications. Hello, Future!

Guy Suter

Co-founder/CEO, Trove


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