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Open up a world of opportunity, just by opening an app.

Trove has all the features you need to explore and grow your network.

Search your network.

Trove uses your past emails to create a map of your current network. All you have to do is add your email account to Trove, and voila — you have an organized, up-to-date view of all the connections you've made over the years. Search your network, uncover connections you never knew you had, and identify life-changing opportunities.

a screenshot of the Trove app showing how searching works

Share your connections.

With a single click, you can invite others to see your network. The more you share, the bigger your network gets, allowing you to meet more people and be seen by people who want to meet you.

a screenshot of the Trove app showing what a person's profile looks like

See your Real Path™.

While it's mapping out your network, Trove identifies the strongest relationships within it. When you search for a person, Trove shows you all the ways you're connected and lets you choose who to ask for a referral. That way, you're not just finding a way to meet someone — you're finding the best way to meet them.

a screenshot of the Trove app showing an example visualization of the path between two people

Make introductions and be introduced.

Trove learns how to communicate with the people in your network, so you can instantly trade messages with them. No need for a call or email — ask for introductions or respond to introduction requests without ever leaving the app. Trove tracks your activity in a single, convenient dashboard and can send you a reminder when it's time to follow up.

a screenshot of the Trove app showing what introductions look like

Take your network with you.

Map your network with Trove, and make the most of the relationships you've built — anytime, anywhere, from your desktop, your phone, or Slack. Now, you can take your contacts with you when you change jobs, and you don't have to worry about losing valuable connections when you delete emails. All your paths stay safe and current in Trove.

mockups of how the Trove app looks on a desktop and mobile