A Brighter Inbox

Notion's Artificial Intelligence unlocks new superpowers to solve email overload and improve your communications.

Desktop and iPad are in development.

Everything in Focus

Notion is designed to surface your most important messages and make email overload a distant memory.

Important emails stand out

Personalized AI learns from you and highlights your most important email. You see every message so you don’t need to worry about missing anything.

You are in control. Notion gets smarter the more you use it.

Smart Multi-Swiping

Email overload solved with a single swipe, thanks to an AI that learns which emails you’re most likely to remove from your inbox.

Intelligent Grouping

As you scroll through your inbox, less important emails are included for easy clean up.

You're in control

You can always change what’s important. And Notion gets smarter as you do.

Swipe less. Do more.

Scan your email and clean your inbox with addicting speed.
seconds saved

Cleaning your inbox takes about a second per message.Notion has saved people0hours so far.

Notifications you'll love

Many people turn off email notifications because they’re non-stop distractions. So, Notion has Smart Notifications that will only alert you when it matters.

What's on your Radar?

Notion makes sure you won’t drop the ball. The Radar tab encourages faster responses and tracks what you are waiting on from others.

People Insights

The biggest network you already have is hidden in your email. Notion surfaces insights about your relationships so you can improve.


Some things are best put off until later. Notion lets you snooze emails to get them out of your way until you're ready to get to them.


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Meanwhile, Notion's multi-swipe will make your desktop experience more productive.