Your inbox in focus.

Emails are not equal but most apps show them that way. This leaves it up to you to make sense of your inbox. But Notion brings your inbox into focus by learning from how you use email.
Important emails stand out more brightly.
Hiding messages always leads to missing something important. Notion shows you every message while highlighting the important ones so you can deal with the rest quickly.

Get the whole picture at a glance in a clean mobile app.


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Notifications you'll keep on

Email notifications shouldn’t be all or nothing. Many people turn them off because they are too noisy. Some things are worth the interruption though so Notion’s smart notifications only beep when it really matters.




Smart Multi-Swiping

Clean up your inbox faster than ever before. Notion groups less important emails together so you can remove them in one action.
Intelligent Grouping
As you scroll through your inbox, less important emails are selected for easy clean up.
You're in control
You can always change what’s selected for clean up. And Notion gets smarter as you use your email.

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Swipe less. Do more.
Scan your email and clean your inbox at the same time with one simple action.
seconds saved
Cleaning your inbox takes at least a second per message. Notion has saved people a total of 0 hours so far.


Some things are best put off until later. Notion lets you snooze emails to get them out of your way until you're ready to get to them.

Important Questions

It’s common to miss important questions in your inbox. But Notion surfaces questions from important people so they won't get lost.
Who’s waiting for your reply?
Notion highlights questions from key people so you can see exactly what they need from you and how long they’ve been waiting. It’s easier than ever to keep up.
Who are you waiting on?
Notion also tracks how long you’ve been waiting for answers from other people.


Notion improves your entire email experience even without its own dedicated desktop app: By cleaning your inbox with the mobile app first, 100% of your desktop time can be focused on what matters.