Our Story

We improve how people communicate.

We see a better future for communication using thoughtfully applied artificial intelligence.

Digital communication today is cumbersome, inefficient, and its growing demands are overwhelming us all. In 2013, we started Notion AI, Inc. and decided to do something about it.

Notion's co-founders met in 2001 while working on early anti-SPAM software. Our startup adventure has touched data backup, cloud storage, group chat, file sharing, and CRM. Now, we are committed to improving communications.

Join our team to help change the face of communications.

Notion's founders

Our Quick History

  1. 2014Prototyped Notion cloud intelligence.
  2. 2015Started private beta; then early access (Android and iOS apps)
  3. 20162016 Raised Series A funding; Public debut!

Our fantastic investment partners ...
  • Drive Capital
  • Accel
  • Hyde Park
  • Silicon Valley Bank

Press Kit

Product screenshots, our logo, and such.

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